Your Child's Home Away from Home

Your infant is in save hands with us

For many parents, it can be stressful leaving their young child, especially an infant (6 weeks to 18 months), in anyone else's hands. After all, infants require special care that other children don't.


At Doodlebugz Child Care Learning Center, we believe in providing only the best treatment and surroundings for your infant.

We keep you informed

Your child's early years are full of growth and important milestones that you won't want to miss out on. We will chart your infant's daily activities so that you will feel as if you were right here with them for every step.

Encourage healthy development

Our infant care program includes daily activities to help your child grow:

- Sound stimulation

- Color stimulation

- Texture stimulation

Contact us today to enroll your child in our infant care program.


Allow creative play and expression

Once your child reaches 1 year old, they will be introduced to various forms of creative activities to further their development.

- Art

- Outside play (weather permitting)

- Fine and gross motor skills

All of our staff are CPR and First Aid certified, and qualified to administer your child's medication.

Baby held by smiling woman Infant in diaper Baby girl held by a woman Woman cuddling an infant